About Gamazine

Gamazine wall coating is a blend mixture of ply sand, carefully selected same size stones and a blend of different chemicals that makes a paste to ensure the product sticks on wall. A color is then added to the final product giving you the desired finish. Gamazine wall coating is applied on plastered walls preferably smooth plaster. Where rough plaster (rough cast) was applied before, a first coat of Gamazine is applied to smooth-en the surface before applying the final coat. The first coat is also applied on walls that were previously painted by oil paint or walls experiencing dampness, chipping and cracking. A bucket of Gamazine is designed to cover between 5 square meters and 11 square meters depending on the thickness of the coat. The coat is normally applied up to 5mm thick, giving your already plastered wall an extra thick layer to reduce chipping and minor cracking.